Cornerstone Akhinta Residences is a premium residential property that redefines what it means to live the luxe life. The
architectural influences are an elegant tribute to the refined tastes of sophisticated global citizens. Like each of the unique
personalities who will soon call it home, this paean to luxury is in a class of its own.

A home that’s close to your and the city’s heart

Living in luxury means never having to make a single compromise on how you live your life, or more importantly, where you choose to live it. Cornerstone Akhinta Residences brings you the best the city has to offer, without forcing you to migrate to its outskirts. Whether it is the vibrant nightlife, fine dining, retail therapy, or Bengaluru’s storied schools, everything is located in comfortably close proximity to your future home.

No stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection

Perfection means amenities that answer life’s daily challenges in a way no one has imagined before. Like unwinding under a moonlit sky in the pool after a day spent reaching for the stars at work. Whether it is hitting your daily fitness goals at the fitness centre, or throwing a lavish bash to mark a momentous milestone, Cornerstone Akhinta Residences gives you the luxury of doing it all from the comfort of home.

Every square foot of your home
planned in precise, exquisite detail

Project Highlights

Total Number of Units104
Number of Floors9
Number of Units Per Wing.A and C - 36, B - 32

A breathtaking view of your future home

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